Covid High Risk Patients

Given the message from the Provincial Health Officer on Friday May 15, the Dental College is recommending that starting on May 19th, 2020, registrants are able to provide in-person non-essential care.   As we ease into this new routine in a Pandemic Situation we must all keep in mind that there are some patients who are at high risk should they contract Covid-19.  It is currently recommended that individuals with the below pre-existing conditions defer nonessential  treatment for the time-being whenever possible.  If you have one of the conditions listed below, and are experiencing pain or discomfort, please call the office and let us know of your condition and as an extra precaution we will schedule you at a time of day or day of the week where there is minimal traffic in the office.   As always your safety is our utmost concern.

1. Serious Respiratory Disease

2. Serious Heart Conditions

3. Immunocompromised Conditions

4. Severe Obesity

5. Diabetes

6. Chronic Kidney Diseases

7. Patients undergoing dialysis

8.Liver Disease

9. Pregnant Patients

10. Patients who are 70 years and over

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