Orthophos XG 3D Imaging

Orthophos XG 3-D Dental Imaging System

The current emerging standard of care in dentistry and dental implantation is the use of three dimensional x-ray studies. The 3-D images allow the doctor to collect the needed and highly valuable diagnostic information so they can best plan and deliver dental and surgical care.

The Dentist uses a 3D image to:

  • Assess bone quality and quantity
  • Assess anatomical relationships such as distance to nerves or the sinus
  • Find Disease
  • View any displaced teeth, fractures, sinus diagnostics, cysts and retained roots that may not show up on regular x-rays.
  • It can also be used to assess apical lucency (whether there is an infection at the root), periodontal disease and tooth decay.

This enables the dentist to

  • Carry out an accurate assessment
  • Do precise treatment planning
  • Provide treatment predictability

In our office a 3D scan is used only when the information cannot be provided by other imaging modalities, such as in the case of implants. Once the scan is obtained then it is thoroughly reviewed for any of the above indications. If there is no need to assess bone thickness or have a 3D view for another purpose, then a Pan or traditional x-rays would be used to minimize radiation exposure. Radiation exposure from a dental 3D scanner is generally less than traditional medical CT scanners, and less than a traditional 18 film full mouth series of traditional x-rays.

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